My Week On The Wagon…

Every now and then, it’s time to cleanse the body, right? All of the eating out, the wine, the fattening’re body needs to reset. So, last week was my week and here are a few of my concoctions…

1. Turmeric Tonic


This very orange drink is supposed to help with inflammation. It’s about 2 cups of coconut water, 4″ portion of fresh turmeric, 2″ of fresh ginger, one medium carrot, a dash of cayenne, pepper, and the juice of one lemon. I blended it together and then strained it into my cup. I know…it sounds NASTY. But, so many healing foods that are great for hydration, inflammation, digestion…and the taste was not bad.

2. Seared Mahi Mahi


This was super easy! I did this for dinner one night. For the Mahi Mahi, I seasoned it with salt and lime pepper and seared it for about 4 minutes per side. On top, I diced a few mangos and mixed that with pico de gallo and lime juice. All served up with a side of broccoli salad. Healthy, fresh, and very tasty!

3. Avocado Toast


Avocado toast is all the rage now! And I know mine looks a little sad…but it’s honestly my new favorite lunch! I used gluten free bread and toasted it with a tiny bit of butter. I topped it with half of an avocado that I mashed with salt and pepper. Then, added 2 slices of turkey and one slice of tomato. I have even done this for breakfast…

4. Shrimp and Zucchini “Pasta”


Another winner and SO easy. I used store bought shrimp for this because of time constraints. But, feel free to make your own! The zucchini and squash I sliced on a mandoline and then sauteed in a skillet with salt, pepper, and lemon juice! So easy and so delicious!

BTW…there was not a drop of wine this week either…I’m loving the clean eating. But, I may need to make an exception on the wine….TBD…

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