Fork and Cork!

This weekend was full of food, wine, and fun at the Addison Fork and Cork. The festivities kicked off Friday evening and after being “on the wagon” for a week, I was ready! Side note: Friday was definitely the night to go. Tickets were more expensive but they were all inclusive. You got free tastings and had admittance into the event on Saturday.

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Right when we walked in, I spotted the fire pit with Chef Tim Byres and made a bee line there. If you haven’t been to any of his restaurants, then you are seriously missing out. My personal favorite is SMOKE — there are two locations, one in Dallas and one in Plano.


Next, we hit up Cantina Laredo and Lazaranda — both serving up fresh fish dishes! But, my pick for the evening, was the ceviche at Lazaranda which I had again on Saturday…


Next up, we went to Chamberlain’s for the mussels. You can’t go wrong with Chamberlain’s Steak House or Fish Market. Always a winner!

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Iron Chef Cat Cora also made an appearance…


So, stomachs full, it was time for wine! The Dean’s List was featuring 9 different wines — you were handed a piece of paper with a list and descriptions of each wine.

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Overall, the group liked the Cline Pinot Noir the best. So, we bought a bottle and found a picnic table where we enjoyed live music from the Dallas String Quartet!


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As the evening went on, we walked around and saw mixology lessons from Eddie “Lucky” Campbell and a wine seminar with Adam Nelson. Overall, a very fun evening!

Oh…and HUGE shout out to Andy! He’s a Spirited Cooking fan!


On Saturday, the cooking demos kicked off early in the afternoon. But, we made it out around 5pm. This was the cheaper day to go (tickets were only $15) but, you did pay for food/wine/etc. But, the sun was out and we were enjoying the weather (and the Mexican street corn)!


Plus, Chef Tim Byres gave a culinary discussion. Personally, I think it would have been really cool if he had done it at the live fire pit. But, it was definitely interesting. I loved what he does with dried peppers/chili’s — he said, take the seeds out, then boil them in water until they soften up, blend them in a food processor, and voila! A delicious puree! I will be trying that…


Another side note: I wish there had been more details given in general about the seminars/cooking demos…etc. I mentioned the mixology and wine seminars earlier. Well, what I did not know, was what exactly was going to be discussed. I was disappointed on Friday when I learned that they had partnered with the Dallas Sommelier Society on the wine seminars and I missed half of it! Oh well…c’est la vie. But, Saturday, I knew Brian Brill was going to be giving the seminar on blind tasting. He and GaYoung Kim (Graileys) talked about how to blind taste: what to look for, what to smell, and what to taste (i.e., melons, berries, herbs…etc). Then, they gave us 3 whites and we had to decide which was the Sauvignon Blanc, the Riesling, and the Chardonnay. Next, we tasted 3 reds and determined which was the Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This was definitely the highlight for me!

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So, overall it was a very fun weekend! But, I do wish there had been a) water available EVERYWHERE…I’m talking pitchers of water at every tent and b) a lot more details about the event — more promoting! But, my friends and I did enjoy it! Friends, food, wine…what could be better?

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