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I think my favorite wine bar in Dallas is Veritas. In fact, I know it is. Great atmosphere, passionate staff, and fabulous wine selection. Plus, the story about how they got started is an interesting one and you can read more about that in my Foodable article here.

One of the things that I mention in the article, is how Veritas keeps the community engaged. And, I think that’s the main reason I love it! As much as I love 1/2 wine by the glass on Mondays, I think my favorite events are the Supper Clubs. They are not “known” to the public which makes them even more fun and desirable to attend! Every now and then on a Sunday, the “Vino Pub” gets turned into a restaurant and a top chef in Dallas prepares a 5 course meal for the Veritas groupies. It’s a chance to eat a delicious meal, learn about wine, and meet new and interesting people.

Last night, Executive Chef Bruno Davaillon (The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek) was in the kitchen.


To start, we had a Smoked Rib and Foie Gras Torchon with Fresno Jam and Country Bread.


For wine, I picked the Paul Blanck Alsace AOC Pinot Blanc. This is one of my favorites! It’s refreshing, clean, and is a great wine to start.


For the next two courses, we sipped on Vin Gris de Cigare Rose from Bonny Doon Vineyard. This is a great dry rose with nice minerality.

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And, the next two courses were 1) Escargot with Grilled Potato, Ramp Salsa Verde, Lardo and 2) Cod Confit with Vegetable Barigoule, Chile, and Oregano

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The main course was Braised Berkshire Pork with Spicy Broth, Fennel, and Faro. Absolutely delicious! It almost tasted as if there was clove and cinnamon in the broth.


At this point, I was feeling more like a red. So, we went with a Cotes du Rhone.


This wine is a little different but with the spicy pork and fall flavors, it paired perfectly!

Lastly, was dessert! I’m typically not a dessert person but….Bruno had extras and I ate two! Strawberries, Rhubarb, Yogurt Sorbet, and Pistachio Sponge


By the time we got to dessert, there was no way I could have more wine! So, no dessert wine for me. But, maybe next time! Overall, a wonderful experience. Great food, great wine, and (of course) great friends. I can’t wait until the next supper club!

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