Recipe Testing

One of my latest adventures has been cooking private dinners for Method Coffee in Dallas. It’s once a month, 18 seats, 5 courses, and each course uses coffee as an ingredient. And, before you ask, we do keep the menu a secret!

Well, this has expanded to brunch! So, I am now creating a fun Sunday brunch menu that rolls out in about a week. Needless to say, I have been in the kitchen ALL weekend. It was a MESS. But, it smelled amazing and so far…so good!

We will be revealing this menu! And, here is a sneak peak:

10985208_10203407590101022_7398695631247401583_n 10527858_10203407590261026_5593030030305163010_n 10944836_10203411596081169_3531487192400487498_n 11118499_10203411781725810_7616946070341834540_n 11136693_10203413965260397_5132098004378456623_n 11149490_10203413964940389_8966662197040573072_n

Looks good right?? Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can get the latest on when, where, and how you can try these delicious brunch items :)

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