Monday Night Specials

Monday nights can be a drag. You’ve just started back into the work week and you need a good happy hour! Am I right? Well, I’ve found the best of the best options. Ok…I’ve found THREE really good options in Dallas. Of course, there are quite a few more in the metroplex. But, these are just my favorites and where you will typically find me on a Monday after work.

1. Veritas

I LOVE Veritas for many reasons. But, one of the main ones is their Monday night happy hour — 1/2 price wine by the glass all night! Not to mention, they have my favorite (Paul Blanck)!

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2. Oak

This is not someplace where I would typically go. But, on Monday’s it’s 1/2 price wine by the bottle! Sit at the bar, order some appetizers, and pick a wine that you wouldn’t normally get!


3. Shinsei

Funny story…I’ve been here several times on a Monday with friends and I always wondered why we went on Mondays and why they always ordered bottles of wine. I kept thinking…goodness isn’t this going to be expensive?! Then, I realized it….the bottles are ALSO 1/2 price on Mondays. Now, you have to be careful…the sushi is NOT on Happy Hour. So, if you’re like me…and LOVE sushi…well…the 1/2 price wine does not help that much in keeping the bill down. But, it’s delicious

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All great places! And, all great for a Monday after work

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