A Very Spirited European Adventure

One of my favorite things to do is TRAVEL! I really can not get enough!

On my most recent trip to Europe, I got to experience several different cultures and cuisines! My first stop was l’Abri in England. A good friend of mine works on the manor…picturesque! While there, I would talk long walks in the countryside and help my friend prepare meals for the students.



The pace of life on the English countryside is so much slower than what I’m used to….it’s fabulous! Everything is so quaint..even the pubs! One of my friends favorite spots is called The Pub With No Name. Why? Because a long time ago, it had a name. Then, one day, the sign fell off…so now it has no name.


Picture perfect right? If you ever get a chance to go to a British pub, you must order a Crabbie’s beer. It’s my personal favorite! You can get them in the states however, they just taste better in England! The original alcoholic ginger beer served over ice with a wedge of lime or lemon :)


Of course while I was in England I did make it to London! I hit all the major spots (including the Sherlock Holmes Museum). And, managed to eat my way through Camden…a foodie heaven!

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I also saw a few other classic spots: Jane Austen’s house where I indulged in the classic cream tea and (of course) I could not leave without popping into Highclere Castle (cue Downton Abbey theme music)

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After England, I made my way south…WAY south. All the way to Positano, Italy. If you have never been and are thinking of going…word of warning: it is definitely a destination. That is to say…there is no simple way to get there. But, it’s beautiful! My friend Chelsea and I met in Naples and then took a bus to Positano. One of her friends was getting married there so I came as her plus one/translator!


Even though the weekend was packed with wedding festivities, we still managed to make it to Pompeii and sip a Spritz on the beach. This is another drink that is a MUST. Again, you can get them here…but they taste better in Italy 😉

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My last stop took me to Sesto Calende, Italy. This is a town north of Milan and is where I lived for 3 months in 2013. I have been going every year for the past 3 years now…I absolutely love it. I definitely consider it my second home :) I was able to see friends, relax, and learn how to make Eggplant Parmesan…from a real Italian chef!


This was definitely a trip that I will never forget! I was also able to capture some of my adventures on camera! Watch the video below for a very Spirited Adventure!

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